Tom Chi | USA

Factory X CEO & Founder

Co-founder of Google X (Google Glass, the Self-Driving Car, Project Loon & Google Brain). He has worked with an extensive spectrum of enterprises of diferent sectors. Pioneer in the creation of a unique focused leadership and Prototyping program, that drives and accelerates the growth of innovative ideas. Today, Tom works with social and environmental  entrepeneourships around the world. 

Raúl Pomares | USA

Founder Managing Director Sonen Capital LLC


Raúl is the Founder of Sonen Capital LLC, where he operates across the firm’s overall business activities, while focusing on client management, business development and industry leadership. He is an internationally recognized speaker and author on sustainability and impact investing. He is the co-author of Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation, published in 2009 by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. 

Domingo Peas | Ecuador

Director of the Sacred Basins Project of CONFENAIE

Domingo is Director of the Sacred Basins Project of CONFENAIE, an initiative that seeks to preserve the biocultural wealth of the Ecuadorian Amazon with the mission of leaving the non-renewable resources of this region underground, mitigating the impact of extractive companies. Domingo was one of the leaders of the NEA (1992) and is co-founder of Kapawi Lodge (1995). Domingo comments: "Climate change affects all human beings, not just indigenous people"

Rodrigo Villar | Mexico

Founding Partner at New Ventures / Adobe Capital


Rodrigo has been a fundamental part of Industry of Impact Inversion development in Mexico. Founder of New Ventures an organization that catalyze the increase of green and social enterprises. Rodrigo also was founder of Las Paginas Verdes, the Ecofest and the FLII (Latinoamerican Forum of Impact Investment). As a member of Ashoka, Rodrigo is widely recognized as one of the main figures of social and ambient sostenibiity of the region.

Daniela Peralvo | Ecuador

IMPAQTO's COO & Co Founder

Co-founder and COO of IMPAQTO. She is the innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurship constructor in Ecuador, supports other entrepreneurs to develop new businesses and impact models. Part of the founding council of B Corp Ecuador and Ecuador's representative for the Women in entrepreneurship Program of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

Abigail Sarmac | USA

Philanthropic Advisor

Abigail is mentor and collaborator of leader organizations in entrepreneurship, she provides advisory from the philanthropic perspective about donation survey and social business & B Corps impact investment. She used to manage an impact portfolio of $6M of donations and investments in private audiences consortia with USAID, the Canadian Government and the Gates & Rockefeller foundations. Today, along with IMPAQTO, she is developing a study about the state of impact investment in Ecuador and the Region.

Nathalie Molina Nino | USA

CEO of BRAVA Investments


Nathalie is the CEO and founder of BRAVA Investments, and the writer of LEAPFROG, The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs (Tarcher Perigee, a Penguin Random House imprint). She is committed to delivering returns to investors while making a catalytic impact on women in the world. A technologist and coder by training, Nathalie is a consummate entrepreneur, and a storyteller at heart. Keith Ferrazzi called her a “super-connector” in his updated best-selling classic, Never Eat Alone.

Rachel Gerrol | USA

NEXUS Co funder


Widely recognized for her work with innovative philantropy and projects featured in The NY Times and other media. She was named one of the "99 Most Influential Foreign Policy Leaders under 33". She organized the first "White House Conference on Next Gen Philanthropy & Impact Investing" in 2014.

Demetrio Santander & Juan David Gómez | Ecuador

WAYKANA Co Founders

Founders of Waykana, a social Amazonian company that offers the benefits of guayusa tea through a triple impact program: social, enviromental and economic. Today, Waykana trade their product globally, bringing a positive change not only in the life of the consumer, but also in the lives of more than 200 native Amazonian farmers, majority women, that produce the guayusa leaf.

Ricardo Politi | Brazil

Mindset Ventures Partner


Named as one of the "30 Under 30" by Forbes. Co-founder of Kria the first crowdfunding platform in Brasil. Today he is general partner of Mindset Ventures, a risk capital fund with focus  investment on United States and Israel. Ricardo is part of an important roll fomenting de entreprenourship of ecosystem in Brasil.

Santiago Ribadeneira | Ecuador

Endeavor Ecuador Director

Director of ENDEAVOR Ecuador, an organization that promotes the economic increase and development of the most innovative enterprises of the country, through the construction of a prosper esosystem that accelerates the regional and global position of ecuadorian entrenours succesfull histories.

Brent Ruth | USA

Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (GALI) Global Alliences Manager

Brent Ruth is Global Partnerships Manager for the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (GALI). In this role, Brent works with entrepreneur support organizations around the world to gather important data and help increase understanding of the impact that these programs are having on early-stage entrepreneurs. Prior to joining GALI, Brent spent nearly a decade working in Washington D.C., in the U.S. Senate and then for the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

Francisco Abad | Ecuador

Hult Prize Ecuador

Master of Public Administration at the London School of Economics. Passionate about social innovation, entrepreneurship and B companies. Launched Hult Prize Ecuador, one of Hult’s fastest growing countries for university activites and partnerships. Social innovation consultant that helps companies develop their own business models to make them more social, and helps NGOs develop a private financial sustainability model to leave dependency on donations and international cooperation.

Oliver Utne | USA

Founder of Kara Solar

Oliver Utne is founder of Kara Solar, the first river transportation system in the Amazon powered completely by solar energy. The prototype solar boats and the recharge station in Achuar territory are connecting over 1100 indigenous people along 67km of the Pastaza and Capahuari rivers to schools, clinics, and each other, and are operated by a locally-led community enterprise.

Alejandro Alvarez von Gustedt | Spain

Founding Partner of International Venture Philanthropy Center (IVPC)


Founding partner of a new platform, International Venture Philanthropy Center (IVPC), for the promotion of social investment worldwide. IVPC is composed of six partners with extensive experience in the areas of Private Equity, Social Risk Capital, Strategy and Development Financing. Alejandro is currently leading the creation of a network of social and philanthropic investors in sub-Saharan Africa, in order to attract more capital and invest it more effectively in social impact projects.

Juan Ramiro Puerto | Paraguay

CEO y Co-founder de Topa App

Business professional with more than 10 years of experience in the development of several business units and innovation projects. Complementary to his work in the field of legal advice, he is the co-founder of Topa, the mobility platform for cities that collects and processes data to generate intelligent solutions in terms of transport and transit for government entities, companies and citizens. The versatility of the platform allows generating solutions that cover key aspects of a Smart city.

Natalie Vergara | Mexico

Director of Operations and Development at Kaya Impacto.

Kaya Impacto is a boutique consulting company that works with social entrepreneurs to help them realize their vision. She has more than 11 years of experience in finance and business consulting. Before joining Kaya, she worked for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), promoting inclusive business models for small agricultural producers. Previously she worked at Accenture, in financial consulting services in the capital market. She has also worked as a business consultant for enterprises and has conducted consultancies to manage the financial risk of various companies. She has a Master's Degree in Economic Development and is an Industrial Engineer.

Miguel Sevilla | Ecuador

Habitatholding CEO / Grupo Futuro & Futuro Foundation Director

Musician and lawyer. Through his work with Fundación Futuro, he has achieved a substantial impact in areas of conservation and sustainable use in northwestern Quito. Together with Grupo Futuro, he tries to generate a mechanism of tourism with no ecological footprint.

Ivan Nisida | Brazil

Project Coordinator of Black Jaguar Foundation

Graduated of International Relationships of Universidad Catolica de São Paulo, with a master's degree in Environmental Policy from Sciences Po Paris. He is Project Coordinator of Black Jaguar Foundation, a non-profit organización with the purpose of regenerate forests alongside Araguaia river, the world's largest corridor of its type.

Cristian Gutierrez | Peru

Co-founder / Project Manager of Evea

Cristian is passionate about sustainable development and Social entrepreneurship. Co-founder of  the NGO Enseña Perú, Consultant Platform PDS, Mellizos Café and Evea Ecofashion. Evea was founded in 2015 as a sustainable fashion company with a strong focus on working pro-conservation of forests and community development. The first sustainable footwear in Peru was developed on this effort.

Tania Rodriguez Riestra | Mexico

Director CO_Platform / CO_Capital


CO_ Platform is a launching platform for social and environmental impact initiatives. We identify best in class global initiatives that support social entrepreneurs at different stages of development and we help them set up shop and scale in México. CO_Capital is a seed stage impact investment fund that works together with CO_Plataforma to identify social enterprises that have the potential for large scale impact.

Herman Marin | Peru

Co-founder and CDO of Laboratoria

Herman is co-founder and CDO (Chief Design Officer) of Laboratoria, this is a social enterprise that is transforming the technology industry in Latin America giving thousands of women the tools to start a career in this sector. With training centers in Peru, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and soon more countries in the region Laboratoria is redefining how to prepare young people with fewer economic opportunities for their future jobs.

Julio Ayca | Peru

Investment Officer en Grassroots Business Fund


Julio has been with GBF Latin America since 2012, and he has more than 11 years of experience investing and scaling SMEs in Latin America. Julio is in charge of developing investment transactions and managing the portfolio, and works with the GBF Global CIO on the portfolio performance of the Global fund and reports to the Board’s Portfolio Risk Committee. Julio holds a BA in Industrial Engineering from University of Lima and an MBA from INCAE Business School, where after graduating, he worked as a researcher and has written more than 35 documents, including case studies, technical notes, and papers about functional areas such as Finance, Operations, Strategy, Marketing and Organization.

Roque Sevilla | Ecuador

CEO Metropolitan Touring, Ex Mayor of Quito and founder of Grupo Futuro.

His work links him with the enviroment having experience in places like: Fundación Natura, Charles Darwin chamber, Esquel Foundation, member of the WWF and CEO of Metropolitang Touring.

His most recent achievement is the Mashpi Lodge project, outstanding by a BBC article as the “Luxury Hotel in Ecuador that managed to save one of the most besutiful and diverse tropical forest in the planet”. Mashpi Lodge is a project that seeks to promote ecological tourism, work with local communities and minimize the impact of human activities on the environment.

Richard Ambrose | Guatemala

Managing Partner, Pomona Impact

Richard is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Pomona Impact, an impact investment firm that invests in for-profit businesses with a social mission across Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Ecuador. He also founded the Pomona Impact Foundation that runs the leading AgTech accelerator in Central America. Richard is an accomplished emerging market private equity and venture capital investor with 10+ years of experience. He has played an active role in raising new investment funds, as well as originating, structuring, monitoring and exiting direct investments. 

Lorena Gallardo | Ecuador

Cofounder of Reciveci

Lorena is the co-founder of ReciVeci, a social enterprise that seeks to generate a human link between grassroots waste pickers and citizens to recover recyclable waste in the city. In addition, she teaches at the National Polytechnic School of the career in Water Technology and Environmental Sanitation with extensive experience in the integral management of solid waste. Lorena has an Environmental Engineering from the University of San Francisco in Quito and a Master's Degree in Sustainable Cities and Buildings from the University of Melbourne, Australia. she has participated in various consultations related to water, energy, solid waste and environmental management.

Mari Margil -

Associate Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Mari Margil leads the International Center for the Rights of Nature of the Community
Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) . CELDF has assisted the first places in the world to
secure the Rights of Nature in law, including in Ecuador’s Constitution, and is a founding
member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. Mari is working in Nepal, India,
Australia, and other countries, as well as with tribal nations and indigenous peoples, to advance
the Rights of Nature. Mari received her Master’s degree from Harvard University’s John F.
Kennedy School of Government. She is a co-author of The Bottom Line or Public Health (Oxford
University Press) and Exploring Wild Law: The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence (Wakefield

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Nina Gualinga | Ecuador

Activist, social entrepreneur and leader of climate justice.

Nina represented the Sarayaku people before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. She has been part of Sarayaku delegations in world marches for the climate in France, Morocco and Germany. This year Nina was awarded a world prize by the WWF and co-led the launch of the Kawsak Sacha-Selva Viviente initiative. She is co-founder of HAKHU, a company with a purpose that works with 180 women from the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Isabel Castillo | Peru

Portfolio Manager Andean Region NESsT


Isabel is the Portfolio Manager of the Andean Region NESsT, an organization that supports and invests in social enterprises that generate income and employment for communities in poverty and with barriers to work, active since 1997. Specialist in innovation management with more than 8 years of experience in acceleration and investment in triple impact businesses in Latin America.

Carla Barboto & Santiago Peralta | Ecuador

Pacari Founders

Founders of Pacari, an ecuadorian company dedicated to create and produce the highest quality of organic chocolate in Ecuador, internationally recognized with 188 awards in the US and Europe. Pacari exports their product to 42 countries in the world, in which the european ones stand out because they receive the 30% out of the anual production (an estimate amount of 390 tons). Pacari also has presence in the Middle East offering their products in Emirates Airlines.

Michael Hayes | USA

AGORA Partnerships Managing Partner


Michael is a startups accelerator, strategic consultant and business developer. He has worked with important groups of insurance corporations in Latin America. He is Director-Partner of Agora Partnerships an accelerator which works with entreprenours, strengthening their business model and preparing them to access to the inversion market of impact throught personalized business services, world class consultants and global access network.

Michelle Arevalo | Ecuador

IMPAQTO CEO & Co Founder

Michelle is CEO and Co-founder of IMPAQTO, a social enterprise that supports people who search change in Ecuador to convert their ideas into business through incubation programs, coworkin and innovation consulting. Michelle is a human rights lawyer from Oxford University, she is specialized in public politics and social enterprises from California Berkeley University. She founded Asylum Access Ecuador and was sub-director of operations in Thailand and Tanzania. She was regional director for HURIDOCS and CEO of TECHO Ecuador.

Joel Adriance | USA

YouthActionNet International Youth Foundation - Learning & training director

As being responsible of YouthActionNet for Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Joel manages a portfolio of 12 national programs in all the region. IYF is a global non profit organization, which inniciatives benefits more than 7,4 millions of young people, empowering them to build more productive and signifcant lifes.

Alvaro Maldonado Endara | Ecuador

Productive Development & competitiveness clerk, Municipality Quito

Since 2015, Alvaro proposes and dictates public politics that point to improve the business enviroment of the city, attract investments and develop the competitiveness of the city. One of Alvaro’s principal achievement has been the creation and strenghtening of the consultive council competitiveness of Quito.

Atossa Soltani | USA

Founder & Board President of Amazon Watch

Atossa is currently working as a global strategist for the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative. The initiative is led by an alliance of Amazonian indigenous nations of Ecuador and Peru with support from Fundación Pachamama, Amazon Watch and the Pachamama Alliance and aims to protect one of the ecosystems with the highest level of biodiversity on Earth.  Atossa is organizing an Amazon Learning Journey for members of the NEXUS community with the purpose of learning about the Sacred Headwaters Initiative.

Nicolas Velez | Ecuador

Café Vélez Manager & Co Founder

Nicolás en CEO an co-founder of Café Vélez since 2006. With her partner Isabella Pallares, they assure to offer to their clients a product which keeps the quality of a fine coffee. Vélez has been the first ecuadorian coffee brand who has been so seriously involved in all the steps of the quality chain which guarantees their productive processes. Also, they offer barista trainings in restaurants, hotels and coffee shops.

Julio Jose Prado | Ecuador


Julio has a PhD in Management and Economics from University of Lancaster. Member of "Microeconomics of Competitiveness" network of Harvard Business School. Research Director and lecturer in IDE Business School. Consultant for the ecuadorian government in competitiveness projects and industry analysis.

Suzanne Pelletier | USA

Executive Director of the Rainforest Foundation US

Since 2009, Suzanne has been the Executive Director of the Rainforest Foundation US, in which she works creating alliances with indigenous people in Central and South America to help them understand their rights and conserve their natural resources. Suzanne has an MBA obtained at Columbia Business School, a master’s degree in Environmental Studies at Yale School of Forestry, and a BA obtained Fordham University.

Paula Auerbach | Argentina

Senior Specialist of the Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN) of the Inter-American Development Bank (BID)


Paula is in charge of the design, supervision and monitoring of development projects through loans and technical cooperations. She is an economist grauated from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina) with two master's degrees in Economics and Public Politics from Georgetown University. She is part of the promoter group of Sistema B in Ecuador.

Mauricio Preciado-Awad | Colombia

Investment Manager AlphaMundi Group


Mauricio has a large experience in managing impact investments and leading acceleration programs to social enterprises in more than 14 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Mauricio is an economist and a certified public accountant associated to PwC London. He also completed the executive impact investment program at the University of Oxford.

Fernando Cortés McAllister | Colombia

Executive Director of the Bolivar Davivienda Foundation in Colombia


Fernando is the CEO of the Bolivar Davivienda Foundation in Colombia through which he created and developed one of the most relevant high impact entrepreneurial programs in Colombia: Emprende País. Fernando has also contributed to the creation of the National Network of Angel Investors and to the first social investment fund in Colombia, INVERSOR, for the development of social and environmental organizations with a financial return.

Sebastian Carducci | Mexico

Senior Consultant / Portfolio Manager for Latin America at Gray Matters Capital


Sebastian leads the Latin American Impact Portfolio for Gray Matters Capital which invests in companies that create access to education and economic opportunities for women. He recently co-founded the Instituto Salus (a health sciences institute) and Caiman Solutions (niche B2B technology). He co-founded Nexus Mexico in 2012 as well as the Nexus Cumbre de la Juventud hosted by the UN in which people devised innovative soltions for worldwide most urgent challenges.

Jose Manuel Teran | Ecuador

Director Supply Chain Nestle Ecuador

Economist - MBA with more than 15 years of experience in Supply Chain in Ecuador, Switzerland and Guatemala. Jose Manuel is the Supply Chain Director at Nestlé Ecuador, the largest food and beverage company in the world with a presence in 191 countries around the world. For 2020 the enterprise plans to continue with the support to reach the achievements of the goals of the sustainable development of the United Nations.

Lina Rossi | Colombia

Andean Chapter Manager, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs of The Aspen Institute

Lina has more than 9 years of experience in the entrepreneurship area. She has worked as an independent consultant for different organizations in Colombia such as: the Network of Angel Investors of the Bavaria Foundation and the Universidad del Rosario’s Entrepreneurship Center, and she has a large experience in strategic business consulting in Colombia and Mexico. Lina is a lawyer graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota and has a Master’s degree in Public Policy obtained at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. Lina Rossi | Colombia

Marco Piñatelli | Peru

CEO and Founder of Inka Moss

Marco leads Inka Moss, a triple impact social enterprise in Peru dedicated to the export the natural substrate for horticulture, which comes from the humid forests of the Peruvian Andes. Inka Moss is a certified B company, internationally recognized at the BID Network in the Netherlands, and at Nestlé's Creative Shared Value. The enterprise is currently part of the SIINC (Social Impact Incentives) program of the Swiss Cooperation and Roots of Impact.

Jen Timm | USA

Head of Consulting at Agora Partnerships

Jen has more than ten years of experience in philanthropy, social entrepreneuership, and education. Recently she has worked from Agora with Carnegie Corporation of New York to increase the access to personalized models of knowledge all over the United States. Jen has a Master´s degree in Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences obtained at Columbia University, a MS in English Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages obtained  at Fordham University, and a BA in Latin American Studies obtained at Wesleyan University.

Nicolas Lafaye | USA

Regional Director Latin America & the Caribbean at


Nicolas supervises the investments and impact of Kiva in Latin America. Kiva is a crowfunding platform, founded in San Francisco in 2005. This enterprise connects social investors with micro entrepreneurs who need working capital at low cost. Nicolas monitors 83 Kiva partners and contributes to the acquiring of $ 50 million dollars annually in the region.

Martin Acosta | Ecuador

Founder and CEO of KIWA

Martín is the founder and CEO of KIWA, ecuadorian brand that exports premium snacks to 30 countries. KIWA was selected as the Best Medium Company in Ecuador (2017) and was part of the Top 10 Social Enterprise in LatAm (2014). In 2015, Social Venture Network named him Social Entrepreneur of the year. Martin is also the founder of 5Gens, an investment firm that provides portfolio management for families.

Inty Arcos | Ecuador

Especialist in Forestry Practices.

Member of the Imaymana Foundation, and promoter of the Declaration of Biosphere Reserve. Inty has served as technical coordinator in various territorial planning projects of protected areas in Ecuador. He is a biologist with emphasis in Ecology and Sustainable Development of the Latin University of Costa Rica, with a master's degree in Integrated Watershed Management from the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE).

Manuel Peralvo | Ecuador

Coordinator of the sustainable landscapes and life area of CONDESAN, Coordinator of the regional andeans forest program.

He is a geography engineer graduated at ESPE University in Ecuador, master’s degree in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Texas (USA). With more than 15 years of experience leading projects in applied environmental research, he had developed tools for information management in support of governance processes, territorial planning and consolidation of landscape monitoring processes that integrate socio-economic and biophysical dynamics.

Rodrigo Bedoya | Perú

Co-Founder & Executive President of La Grama

Rodrigo acquired great experience in organic certifications and good agricultural practices, traveling through Latin America to certify small, medium and large farmers. He used this experience to help farmers better capitalize their efforts and export their products to international markets, thus La Grama was born. La Grama is a company that certifies and exports organic fruits and vegetables, which are produced by a network of almost 400 small farmers distributed on the coast, mountains and jungle of Peru. Through an efficient supply chain, La Grama caters to customers in the United States, Canada and Europe. In March 2017, Rodrigo was selected Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Maria Argüello | Ecuador

Executive Director CONDESAN

María has worked for more than 20 years managing multiple projects of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Ecuador and at the Andean level, using the value chain approach and strengthening public-private partnerships. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. Maria also has a Diploma in commercialization opportunities for products from the Amazon Basin awarded by the POEMA Program of the Federal University of Pará, in Brazil.

Maria Isabel Parra | Ecuador

Manager of Corporate Affairs of Tesalia cbc

María Isabel has more than 20 years of experience in different industries such as telecommunications, air transport, oil, mass consumption and the academy. She believes that reaching out and building bridges is the best way to support entrepreneurs in the world. Currently María Isabel is the Manager of Corporate Affairs of Tesalia cbc and is a member of the Chamber of Industries and Production and the Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters.

Estefanía Páez - Ecuador

Project Coordinator for NAKU

She leads and coordinates community health and tourism trips with the Sapara population, creating an experience of integral transformation and deep forest in the Ecuadorian Amazon, positioning the concept of healing tourism and working together with doctors and international therapists. He studied in France sustainable and cultural development that added to his studies of communication and alternative therapies have created a good balance for the management of environmental, cultural and healing projects within Naku.

Orazio Bellettini - Ecuador

Executive Director at FUEGOS

Orazio is a social entrepreneur, professor of public policies and specialist in management of thought centers and civil society organizations. He has conducted research and supported processes of state reform, education, social inclusion, innovation, transparency and access to information in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Paraguay. He has worked as a teacher in several universities in Ecuador and Spain. He studied at the Escuela Agrícola Panamericana - El Zamorano and at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. After his graduation from the Program of Administration and Public Policies of the School of Government John F. Kennedy from Harvard University, Orazio co-founded and was Group Executive Director FARO, a center of thought based in Ecuador that implements initiatives national, regional and global. He has been Founder Curator of the Community of Global Shapers in Quito. She is Ashoka Fellow and member of the Avina Leaders Network for the Sustainable Development of Latin America.

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