Leaders of innovation:


Nathalie Molina Niño


An entrepreneur, builder capitalist (at O³) and tech globalization veteran focused on high-growth businesses that benefit women and the planet. She was named among People Magazine’s 2019 most powerful Latinas. Prior to founding her previous venture, she launched Nely Galán’s education venture, Self-Made, and was CRO of PowerToFly, the fastest growing hiring platform for women in tech and beyond.

Carolina Suárez

CEO, LatImpacto

She is co-leading the strategy to establish the Latin American Venture Philanthropy / Social Investment network, based on the success of the European Venture Philanthropy Association and the Asian Venture Philanthropy Association, to transform and advance the practice of venture philanthropy and social investment across the Region, with the ultimate goal of creating more positive social and environmental impact.

Marcel Fukayama

Executive Director, Sistema B

He is an Impact Entrepreneur, Cancer Survivor and Cathedral Builder. Co-Founder of Din4mo with objectives to empower entrepreneurs that solve social problems and to develop innovative structures that drive capital to both low income families and social enterprises. Co-Founder of Sistema B Brazil to strengthen the B Corp community and redefine success in business.

Diana Gutiérrez

Manager, Global Programme on Business for Gender Equality

With a decade of experience with the United Nations including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Colombia as the Inclusive Economic Development Project Manager, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) as Expert in Project Formulation and Finances in the design and implementation of the Colombia’s Food Security Observatory and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), as Economic Adviser for the M&E system of alternative development programs.

Florencia Fridman

Cofunder, Cacao Laboratory

Cacao Laboratory is a New York-based social good company that honors the tradition and integrity of ceremonial Cacao founded by a brother-sister duo. Through uniquely curated Cacao blends, Cacao ceremonies and educational offerings, Cacao Laboratory bridges ancient intelligence and practices with the modern world. We focus on regenerative agricultural practices, food integrity, and going beyond fair trade.

Celina de Solá

Cofunder, Glasswing

She has worked as a consultant for international organizations; was a crisis interventionist for Latino immigrants in the US; and subsequently spent almost 6 years leading responses to complex humanitarian crises including: Liberia, the Darfur crisis in Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, as well as the tsunami in Indonesia.  Aside from being a Skoll Foundation Awardee and a Tallberg Global Leader, she is also a Fellow of the Obama Foundation, Ashoka, LEGO ReImagine Learning, and Penn Social Impact House.

Juliana Rubio

Senior Coordinator, ANDE

Political scientist from the University of Maryland in the USA, with a master's degree in international development from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Juliana has more than nine years of experience working with international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, and private companies, NGOs and public organizations in the US, Guatemala, Turkey and Colombia. Since November 2018, she has served as Senior Project Coordinator for the Andean region of ANDE, a global network of almost 300 organizations that support entrepreneurship and small growing companies (PEC).

Luis Fernando Laranja

General Manager, Kaeté Investimentos

Kaeté Investimentos is an independent asset
manager focused on sustainable investments - renewable energy, forestry, agriculture,
food products, cosmetics, recycling and waste treatment, education.  Currently, Luis
Fernando manages an Investment Fund (US$ 40 million) dedicated to investments in the
Amazon region. He is founder of Guaraci Agropastoril, one of the largest Organic Dairy
Farm in Brazil.

Juan Esteban Velasquez - Candelo

Artist and Social Leader,

Co-founder Hip Hop Evolución y Arte

Considers himself a resilient and persistent person. Co-founder of the Hip Hop Evolution and Art Corporation, which dedicates to working with children and young people, through artistic training, by promoting life skills and education for peace. Member of the hip hop group Filantropía Crew, participant of the Audiovisual Film_Antropia collective. He is also part of the Peace Youth Network RedAcción de Paz led by the Mi Sangre Foundation, a member of the Global Shapers, the youngest community of the World Economic Forum.

Santiago Peralta

Co-founder, Pacari

Since 2008, when he started export its chocolate bars, revolutionized the industry in Latin America, through the creation of a model transparent innovation in manufacturing "tree - barra ”, social responsibility and direct trade with certified organic farmers. Recognized for five consecutive years as the “Best medium export company ”, by the Federation of Exporters from Ecuador, Pacari chocolates are now sell in more than 37 countries, around the world

Mario Guajarro

Senior Software Engineer, Google

Mario's current work focuses on applied machine learning in Ray Kurzweil's research group at Google AI --- where they are finding new ways to use deep learning to model language and conversations. It also focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) for social welfare and machine learning fairness efforts. More recently, he has focused on strengthening the AI ecosystem in Latin America as an AI advisor to the Accelerator Google For Startups in Latin America, as well as advisor to the Google AI challenge for social impact.

Leonardo Maldonado

General Manager, Gulliver

Serial entrepreneur, focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. He has specialized in the implementation of these processes within companies and institutions, and during the last 10 years, he has focused on the acceleration of entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems throughout Latin America.

Jonah Wittkamper

Co-founder and President, NEXUS

Co-Founder and President of NEXUS, the Global Governance Philanthropy Network and the Healthy Democracy Coalition as well as convener of the Amazon Investor Coalition. NEXUS is a global network of young investors, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs. Drawing from the experiences of NEXUS, the GGPN works to increase and improve investments in international cooperation and the Healthy Democracy Coalition manages an inter-generational community for cross-partisan philanthropic learning and collaboration. Jonah has organized global networks of donors for nearly two decades, inspiring new charitable investing from many of the world's wealthiest families.

Irene Arias Hofman


She leads IDB Lab since January 2018. IDB Lab, as the innovation laboratory of the IDB Group, mobilizes financing, knowledge, and connections to cocreate experimental projects and support entrepreneurs with a potential for impact at great scale, benefiting populations that are vulnerable due to economic, social, or environmental factors.  Her focus has been on innovation, venture capital, and fintech.

Alex Pryor

Co-Founder, Guayakí

Alex has taken on the challenge of regenerating 60 thousand hectares of Misionera Forest in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and creating more than 1,000 jobs with a decent salary for the year 2020. The company works including producers of certified organic yerba mate and under the shade of native species of the Misionera Forest. The objective is the regeneration, conservation and development of communities through the commercialization of their yerba-based products, in the United States and Canada. 

Eduardo Verástegui

Actor, Producer, Businessman and Philanthropist.

In 2016, he received an Honorary Doctorate Degree by several International Organizations for his leadership and humanitarian contributions. 

Eduardo is currently producing two new films; “Sound of Freedom” which dives into the global issue of human trafficking through the true story of a former CIA agent (scheduled to be released during 2020), and “Mary” the historical and biblical chapter of the killing of the innocent during the reign of king Herod (scheduled to be released during 2021).

Alan Wagenberg

Director of Knowledge Management, LatImpacto

He has more than 15 years of experience advising multinationals, multilaterals and unions in regards to strategy and sustainability. He has also advised the colombian government in the design and implementation of programs regarding entrepreneurship and vocational orientation for populations in vulnerable situations.

Cecilia Foxworthy

Chief Programs and Innovation Officer, Agora

She has spent over a decade leading and consulting impact enterprises for strategic growth and innovation across the globe, with a targeted focus on the Americas. Her experience spans business strategy, design research and organisational change for youth development, healthcare, agriculture, microfinance and women’s economic empowerment initiatives.

Lina Rossi

Regional Chapter Manager, ANDE

Has over 12 years of experience in the small growing business sector. She is the Manager of the Andean Chapter of ANDE and is a founding partner of Grupo Impacta S.A.S., a strategic consulting and impact evaluation company. Lina has also acted as an independent consultant for various institutions such as Fundación Bavaria S.A., Corporación Excelencia en la Justica, an NGO focused on justice issues, and the Universidad del Rosario.

Joshua Haynes

Founder and Managing parter, Masawa

Over the past 20 years, Joshua has led at the intersection of innovation, technology, and social impact. He has worked for both the US and Swedish governments, managing a portfolio of $190 million in innovative social impact funding in emerging and frontier market countries targeting poverty alleviation, civil society, human rights, and technology. 

Anika Horn

Impact Ecosystem Builder, Social Ventures

Anika Horn is on a mission to help change agents build purpose-driven careers, organizations, and ecosystems without losing themselves. Anika takes advantage of her global network to make visible the construction of ecosystems for social change, as a contributing editor for Impact Boom (Europe and the US) and Ecosystem Builder Hub (where she directs the national campaign Unsung Ecosystem of Ecosystem Building). He worked with high-growth startups in the nationally recognized Lighthouse Labs acceleration program and spearheaded the B Corp movement in Virginia as B Keeper.

Renata Truzzi

Director, NESsT Brazil

Responsible for developing the portfolio of social impact enterprises and thought leadership activities in Brasil as the Country Director of
NESsT. Leading the work of NESsT in Brazil, generating impact on dignified employment through the investments of NESsT Empowers
and NESsT Biodiversity Incubator flagship programs.


Daniel Roth

General Partner and Founder, JumpScale

Daniel is an experienced social entrepreneur, movement strategist, and integrative healthcare professional focused on sustainable development, indigenous cultural revitalization, and healing arts. Over the last two decades, he has launched over a dozen non-profit organizations, campaigns, and coalitions. Prior, he served as Director of the Cornell Campus Sustainability Office, started New York's first car-share business, and served as a Board Member of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development.

Carla Barbotó

Co-founder, Pacari

In 2002, she began her stage as an entrepreneur. Carla and her husband Santiago Peralta wanted to form a company of which they will be proud when they grow up. Both had ambitions to create a business with principles of sustainable development and a social focus. In the process they became passionate about cocoa and seeking to provide a product with added value, Pacari Chocolate was born.

Philip Harding

Co-founder and CEO, IMPACTJUNKIE

Philip is helping entrepreneurs and investors solve the biggest, hairiest, most audacious problems in the world as co-founder and CEO of IMPACTJUNKIE. IMPACTJUNKIE empowers adventurous doers to “go change some lives today” through creative impact projects, investment deals, and support with a global network of entrepreneurs and investors.

Daniel Álvares Torres

Chief Technology Officer, IBM Ecuador

Architect of Business Solutions specialized in the Financial Services industry. He has a history of more than 20 years in the technology sector and currently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at IBM Ecuador. Self-taught and technology enthusiast, Daniel has held various positions at IBM and participated in multiple projects that have allowed him to gain practical experience in areas such as SOA, BigData, Cloud Computing and Business Analytics.



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