The CLIIQ Entrepreneurs Program is focused on scalable, high-impact businesses of Latin America that are looking for investment to grow. In the program, you'll receive counseling, workshops from experienced professionals, visibility through presentations, and connections with entrepreneurs, investors, and allies within the community that are seeking to generate an ecosystem of mutual support.


The CLIIQ Entrepreneurs Program is a 4-month intensive program that connects startups with high-impact investment options. In the program, you'll receive:

  • Counseling: A consultant with extensive experience will teach you how to clearly communicate your business model and its impact.

  • Mentoring: Specialized mentors will guide you through the process of searching for investment and help you find solutions to challenges you face

  • Learning: You’ll learn skills to strengthen the organizational structure of your business. 

  • Visibility: At the CLIIQ, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your work through pitch presentations and publication materials.           

  • Community: Be a part of the community of entrepreneurs, investors and allies in the region, that seek to generate the ecosystem of mutual support.

  • Contact with potential impact investors

  • Scholarship: One of the founders of the startups selected to be part of the CLIIQ Entrepreneurship Program will receive a scholarship to cover the full cost of their participation in the Summit and lodging in Quito (from September 26 to 28). * Note: The scholarship does not include transportation costs to Quito (air tickets) nor travel expenses.


The program focuses on TWO groups of high-impact scalable businesses from Latin America.


  • Scaling stage: (10 business)

    • Businesses that are looking for investment 

    • Businesses that have a positive, sustainable, and measurable impact.

    • Minimum annual income from sales: USD $150K

    • Team members seeking funding work full-time for the company

  • Validation stage: (15 businesses)

    • Businesses that are looking for investment to develop

    • Businesses that have a positive, sustainable and measurable impact.

    • Minimum annual income from sales: USD $50K

The selected groups will be evaluated based on the team, business model, growth capacity, business traction and social & environmental impact.


  1. Complete your application here. The process starts June 1st and ends June 15th.

  2. First evaluation/ July 16th
    The applications will be evaluated by the selection committee. 


  3. Interviews / July 18th to 20th
    The most qualified candidates, according to the criteria listed above, will be invited to an online interview.


  4. Second evaluation / July 23rth
    The committee will review the candidates again to decide on the 25 final entrepreneurs to be invited to participate in CLIIQ.


  5. Announcement of contestants / July 31th
    The finalists will be announced.



August 15th

Webinar 1 |  What is venture capital and how to prepare for raise capital?

August 22th

Webinar 2 |  Financial planning

August 29th

Webinar 3 |  What are Capital instruments?

September 5th

Webinar 4 |  Building your Pitch

Individual Mentories

Space to develop specific doubts and receive feedback.


September 26th

Face-to-face workshops | The entrepreneurs will participate in a workshop to generate connections, practice the pitch and for financial modeling.

September 27th & 28th

CLIIQ activities | All the entrepreneurs will participate in a Sandbox, a fair and networking activities to receive feedback from the summit attendees.

September 28th

Pitch | The entrepreneurs in the escalation stage will have a space to present their Pitch to impact investors.


October 3th

Webinar 3 | What's next after the first conversation with investors?