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Ignacio Hinojosa

General Manager and Founder, ServiServidor

ServiSenior was awarded the 2018 Avonni national innovation award in the Social Entrepreneurship category, it was part of the first generation of Huella, the triple impact accelerator of Start – Up Chile in 2019 and in 2020 it was one of the 11 startups worldwide to participate in the impact acceleration program of Norway's Katapult Accelerator. He is currently part of YLAI's 2020 class.

Vero Jimenez@1.5x.png

Verónica Jimenez

CEO and Academic Director, Poliestudios

Active member of the World Association of Virtual Tutors, he has participated as a speaker in various conferences and talks on topics related to childhood and adolescent disorders such as attention deficit and conduct disorders. In 2019 he participated as an exhibitor and organizer of the International Congress of Psychology in Inclusive Education and Neurodiversity. She is the writer of the story "How to be my friend" for the inclusion of people with autism.

Liliana Castro@1.5x.png

Liliana Castro Parra


Queretána and Mexican, with business studies, dedicated to streamline administrative and human resources processes. My passion, to improve the productivity of companies through the motivation of human capital.

Carolina Cdavid@1.5x.png

Carolina Cadavid

Co-Founder, La Bonne Cuisine

As co-founder of the innovative fresh ready-to-eat food production company La Bonne Cuisine, she is responsible for sales, marketing, human resources and all legal aspects. Since she founded the company together with her husband Peter, the company has grown a lot and Carolina has enjoyed learning from each step in this process of maturing the project. Prior to founding La Bonne Cuisine, she worked as a highly trained interpreter for international organizations, companies, and individual court cases in Colombia. Before returning to Colombia, she lived in the US, Japan, New Zealand and Spain, focusing her career on acting and operational roles in NGOs.

Francisco Cornejo@1.5x.png

Francisco Cornejo

Co-Founder, Familify

Husband, and father of two children, his family is his greatest treasure and his greatest continuous improvement project. He is a Commercial Engineer and Master in Communication from RMIT, Australia. With more than 10 years of experience in Marketing, he considers himself passionate about storytelling, digital marketing and startups. Entrepreneur since the age of seven. Co-founder of Familify.

Lina Sierra@1.5x.png

Lina Sierra

Talento Consultores

Lawyer, specialized in Labor Law and Social Security, Human Development Management and MBA, with more than 18 years of experience in labor areas, especially as leader of Human Talent, Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine departments. My passion is to help design or develop technological products that improve occupational health and safety of workers in organizations through Software as a Service methodologies in order to improve and preserve their quality of life and well-being.

Samir Zeidan@1.5x.png

Samir Zeidan


The vocation of service and the marked orientation to the results have given way to the entrepreneurial spirit. With successes and setbacks, like any explorer of the opportunities that are presented to him, he has embarked on constant challenges. Which now leads him to undertake with a long-range vision and a clear goal: to challenge the status quo in the healthcare sector. His professional development has gone hand in hand with national and multinational industries, always on the side of business development. Today he leads an innovative company, his dream, business vision and entrepreneurship: GOCTORS TECHNOLOGY S.A.

Pierangela Sierra@1.5x.png

Pierangela Sierra

Co-Founder and President,


With the aim of giving more time to people and making life easier, he created, together with Rafael Luque, Tipti S.A. (Time for you), the fastest growing and developing e-commerce company in Ecuador. Its primary focus is personalized service through the advice provided by its shoppers who are gourmet experts, both in general supermarkets and in specialized stores, all through digital media and with home delivery.

Hernan Liedo@1.5x.png

Hernan Liendo

Co-Fundador and CTO, Botmaker

Entrepreneur, teacher and likes to build value through technology. He was CTO of Mindset Designs and later of ZupCat where he produced games for millions of users. He is currently co-founder and CTO of Botmaker, a leading platform in the region where they empower their clients to automate conversations with their users with millions of daily conversations.

Alida Resendiz@1.5x.png

Álida Reséndiz Méndez


Mexican communicator, lover of shared mobility and content creation. More than 5 years of experience transforming mobility and working for startups members of Maas Mobility as a Service.

Mauricio Medina@1.5x.png

Mauricio Medina Cruz

Co-Founder, Guineo

Serial entrepreneur with special skills in Digital Transformation. CEO and co-founder at He studied electronic engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and completed a master's degree in business administration at the TEC University of Monterrey, Mexico. He has spent more than 16 years developing, building and selling IT companies. As an entrepreneur he created innovative and successful user experiences that have led to sustainable and growing projects. His first venture in the digital world was bought by (a company acquired by Delivery Hero). He is currently responsible for the growth and expansion of the Guineo startup.

Daniela Vega@1.5x.png

Daniela Vega

Co-Founder, Familify

Juan Daniel and Tomás' mother, they are her greatest adventure… at some point she packed her family and crossed half the world! She became a certified massage instructor by Infant Massage Australia. In the middle of a futuristic city and kangaroos he also created the successful App Storybook Massages and Stories.

Daniel Cuervo@1.5x.png

Daniel Cuervo

CEO and Director, General Traffic

Daniel Cuervo Albornoz is an Industrial and Electronic Engineer from the Universidad de Los Andes, with an MBA from IE (Instituto Empresa) in Spain. He is the Director of Business Development and an active member of the Board of Directors of Itelca, a company that is dedicated to technology integration projects in various markets in Latin America and more recently in Mexico. He is currently CEO of Datatraffic, a company that develops and implements Field Service Management technological solutions in organizations that need to optimize processes, costs, operating times, operator productivity and improve their customer satisfaction rates. Under his leadership.

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