CLIIQ is an event designed to connect
Learn the two ways in which you can participate:


If you have a high impact entrepreneurship (social, enviornmental & economic), this is your chance!

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If you are an investor, public innovator, ecosystem articulator, or part of the business community, this event is for you.



Entrepreneurs Program

What will I recieve during CLIIQ?

In the programm you'll recieve:

  • Advisory: A consultant with wide experience will teach you how to communicate your business model and its impact in a clear way.
  • Mentoring: Specialized mentors will guide you to find solutions to the challenges you face in the process of inversion search.
  • Learning: You’ll learn skills to strengthen the organizational structure of your business.
  • Visibility: At the Latin American Impact Investment Summit Quito - CLIIQ you’ll have the option to show your work through presentations and diffusion materials.
  • Community: Be part of entrepreneurs, investors and allies community, that seeks to generate and ecosystem of mutual support.
  • Contact with potential impact investors
  • Scholarship: One of the founders of the startups selected to be part of the CLIIQ Entrepreneurship Program will receive a scholarship to cover the full cost of their participation in the Summit and lodging in Quito (from September 26 to 28). * Note: The scholarship does not include transportation costs to Quito (air tickets) nor travel expenses.

Who organizes CLIIQ?

The coordination of CLIIQ is in charge of three companies IMPAQTO, Nexus LATAM and Endeavor Ecuador.

Why should I come to CLIIQ?

If you want to participate in innovation, undertake, support and change the course of the history of your country and the world CLIIQ is the best option. Here you can connect your ideas with other people interested and involved in entrepreneurship and innovation within the region to generate an environmental, environmental and cultural impact.

What do I expect from CLIIQ?

CLIIQ will propose a variety of tactics to facilitate dialogue and inter-sectoral learning, like talks, panels, experts interviews, success stories, workshops, pitch sessions, round table, facilitated networking & permits. Is an event that aspires to reunite the involved and intrested actors in high impact and investment of impact entrepreneurship in Ecuador, the andean subregion and southamerica. CLIIQ will have a dedicated programation to three important pillars: activating the impact investment in Ecuador and the region, urban entrepreneurship, and impact entrepreneurship in the Amazon.

What's the CLIIQ cost?

The selected entrepreneurs participation will be free if they meet the following requirements:

  • Participation in the entire program in a virtual and face-to-face manner.
  • Cover their mobilization to participate in CLIIQ (September 25th to 28th)

Who can participate?

The people who can participate are: investors, entrepreneurs, philantropists, the business community, investments funds, public innovators, NGOs representatives & the media.

In which stage is my entrepreneurship?

To identify in which stage you are in according to the CLIIQ's clasification criteria, we share the detailed description so you can make a self appraisal and apply to the annoucement designed for you. There are two ways in which you can participate as an entrepreneur according to the developing stage in which you find yourself:

  • The entrepreneurs in the scaling stage will have a space to present their Pitch before the impact investors.
  • The entrepreneurs in the validation stage will participate in a Sandbox and a fair to recieve feedback from the CLIIQ's assistants.

From what stage can an entrepreneurship participate?

Any entrepreneurship can participate from the scaling stage and validation stage

Registration of Assistants

What is CLIIQ and what is its main purpose?

CLIIQ is the Latinamerican summit of high impact inversion - Quito Ecuador. The principal objective of CLIIQ is to boost entrepreneurs of high impact for the development of the region.

Why should I be assisting CLIIQ?

In the last few years, the entrepreneurship and innovation social ecosystem in Ecuador and the southamerican region has been in a growing stage. Now, the organizing partners of the summit, see that the potential of Ecuador and the region needs some impulse too convocate the most active actors and to imspire the next generation of high impact entrepreneurs and investors.

Why should I come to CLIIQ?


Which kind of persons are coming to CLIIQ?

Will have a variety of groups during the Summit. They are identifed as:

  • High impact entrepreneurs
  • Business community
  • Investors & doners
  • Public innovators
  • Articulators and intermediaries of the ecosystem
  • The media

When does the application process start?

The application process will be open from June 1st to August 30th. During this period you'll be able to fill the form in which we ask personal, proffesional and interests information.

How does the selection process work?

The selection process is divided into three stages. The reception of applications, revision of application forms, and sending of admission emails. The team in charge of the process will take 2 weeks (or more) to answer the admission request.

Does the quality of the applications influence in the admission process?

It must be taken into consideration that the quality of the application does not gurantee the admission into the Summit. There are limited tickets for the event. If your are selected, you'll recieve a fromal answer from the organizers part.

What's the value of CLIIQ?

The value of the CLIIQ's participants is $350 (plus taxes) per person. In the participants package, the access to every CLIIQs talk and forums, coffe break, lunch, welcome kit and networking spaces is included during the two days.



From June 1st to August 1st: $350 (plus taxes) per person

The participant's kit includes access to all the talks, welcome kit, coffee breaks, lunchs & networking spaces.

*Remember you have to postulate to participate